Drones are changing the way we see – and show – the world around us. From journalism and media to commercial marketing, get the behind-the-drone perspective of the ins and outs of being a (drone) pilot. WIS-TV Chief Photojournalist Russ Congdon has been on the forefront of drone integration in media, pushing WIS for its internal drone team, and has led the group since. When he’s not delivering the news from in the sky (or on the ground), Russ has also been contracted for private marketing work by commercial clients. Russ will also share the details on the licensing process, FAA regulations, and more.


About Russ

Russ Congdon is a broadcast professional with over 20 years of news gathering and media production experience, and currently serves as the Chief Photojournalist at WIS-TV. Russ leads the WIS drone team and has captured several breaking news and natural disaster events from the sky.


When:  Tuesday, September 24, 2019 11:45 am – 1:15 pm
Where:  AARP Board Room | 1201 Main St. Suite 1280, Columbia, South Carolina, 29201, USA

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